Return Policy

Return Policy

Refund & Exchange Policy:

-All Ank products are handmade specifically for you, thus refund is only possible within 3 working days from placing an order. That also applies for exchange and product amendments.

- In Case of Cancellation within the first 3 working days the full paid amount will be refunded the same payment mode with deduction of 3% for payment gateway fees.

- Refund is applicable only on manufacturing defect cases if Ank failed to exchange or repair the given defect.

- Ank might help customers returning or exchanging used goods during 14 days from receiving the order as a paid service mostly will be as a percentage cut from the product value that range from 10% to 40% depending on the technical report done when receiving the product at Ank factory, in this case Refunds are done via bank transfer to customers bank account within 30 to 40 Working days from Technical report day. Ank have the right to refuse offering this service upon case assessment.


Deliveries executed by Ank:

- Deliveries take place from 3 to 7 weeks according product type.

ย Ank is fully responsible on delivering the goods door to door in good condition and according to standards.

- Operations team shall contact customer before shipping to confirm date, time and location.

- Customers have to report if their location or premises need any special handling, e.g: external lifter is needed, narrow corridors or doors,...etc

- Customer have the right to refuse receiving shipped goods if its not according to order standards or defected, in this Case Ank is legible to all shipping cost as well as replacing the order with ordered goods as soon as possible.

- If customer refused to receive the goods after it has been shipped without the above mentioned term takes place then Ank has the right to charge the customer the full actual shipping fees which is double the announced rates; as we automatically deduct half the actual shipping cost on all orders to offer customers competitive and deduct the downpayment.

- If Customer delayed delivery for any reason after being informed that order is ready Ank will charge 2% from order value for every week as a storage fees.